Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New York City

Wow! New York City is an awesome place. Yes, true, I have never been there and was thoroughly immersed in the adjectives that everyone uses to describe this city. Huge, busy, crazy (cab drivers), crowded, anything you could want in food, shopping, sightseeing, ambience, culture (or lack thereof), ethnicity, music, etc. etc. etc. I loved it. Although this was a short visit the people that we had contact with were helpful and kind and certainly nothing like the stereotype of the New Yorker. (Speaking of stereotypes not everyone in Seattle necessarily wears Birkenstocks, drinks Starbucks and/or holds in their emotions). Anyway, I digress. We went to NYC to meet with our agent. Linea and I have written a book together and we are in the throes of getting this published (http://www.lineacinda.com/). Another step forward in this effort!
Less than five years ago we all supported Linea's dream to finish a degree in music performance and end up in New York. "Waiting tables while I tried to get music gigs," said Linea. Then she spiraled and crashed into a bone breaking depression that involved hospitalizations, medications, treatments beyond our comprehension and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. With a big, wide and unpredictable detour she did not end up in New York in the music world. But she was in New York as we spent time with our agent in her office on Union Square discussing the publication of our book. Life is so mind boggling at times.


Corrie Howe said...

How exciting to collaborate with your daughter on a book. I found your comment on Raising Complicated Kids, but the link you provided doesn't go anywhere. I clicked on your name instead.

I have a child who is twice exceptional with Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD and Anxiety Disorder. I try to be kind in my blog about education. I love all his teachers and providers. I just get frustrated with administration and policies...the cookie cutter approach. :-). I'm sure staff also get frustrated as well as administration as they have to meet state and federal mandates too.

Cinda said...

Thank you, Corrie, for your comments. I try hard to teach our future educators how to advocate for their students' needs. The "power source" are the parents.
I am not always sure what I am doing with the blogs and links; sorry you had a problem! I think I tried to put in our website, www.lineacinda.com. Take care of your angel baby! (and yourself)

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading the book. Your patient, caring, compassionate character should be a model for our society. I have two daughters who I hope will learn to be as strong and admirable as yours.