Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home from Spain

I have been away from this blog for too long! A could it be? After finishing a busy spring quarter and teaching a quick summer session I was off to Spain to present at a conference. It was an incredible trip. In addition to meeting people from other universities and programs I had the opportunity to spend time in Madrid and Alicante. Both were fantastic. Where can I begin? The beauty, the music, the food, and the rhythm of life in Espana! It took a few days to settle into the late lunches and even later dinners. It took awhile to slow down in the afternoons and early evenings before going out to join the families and friends that meet and talk and eat and drink, sitting at the tables in the pedestrian streets, beside fountains and in the plazas. But soon it became ever so pleasant. A different pace than life in Seattle. So much to learn from this country of close families and friends, deep faith and a community spirit that is apparent as one walks the streets and alleys, providing a brief time to peek into another countries' lives. More to come!