Friday, April 20, 2012

It's All in Your Head!

Are people more willing to pay to avoid physical illness than mental illness? The study might surprise you! I have been so busy with my daughter's and my book, released May 8th (Perfect Chaos - St. Martin's Press, 2012)! I haven't blogged much so thought I would share an article in which I interviewed with the author, Reyanne Weaver. It is a rather long article but I think also very interesting. Take a look at EmpowHer. It's not until the second page that I FINALLY get to give my opinion so if you are interested, keep reading!!

An excerpt, "“Neighbors and friends rally around someone with breast cancer while the doctors determine which treatment option is best based on sophisticated diagnostics,” Johnson said. “I do not believe the same level of support exists for a woman who is hiding in her home battling the overwhelming [effects] of depression.”